Skin Rejuvenation



SHR system can be used for the improvement of mild to moderate inflammatory acne. This range targets a type of bacteria that colonize inside the sebaceous gland and clog it. A photo-chemical reaction induced by the module's light, induces the photo excitation process and the destruction of the bacteria.
Treatment period: 4-5 weeks (total of 8-10 treatments)
Treatment intervals: Treatments are reapplied twice a week.


Light absorbed by melanin is transformed into heat energy. This process causes the breakdown of pigment molecules and is cleaned and by phagocytes and are also shed of by the normal process skin renewal. Transient erythema and darkening of pigment molecules can be expected.


The light absorbed by hemoglobin is converted to heat thereby effectively cauterizing the walls of capillaries.

Skin Rejuvenation

Collagen effectively absorbs the 510/560 nm-1200 nm spectrum of light. Resulting in heating and contraction of collagen bundles. The retraction of collagen bundles makes this process effective in the management of fine superficial wrinkles.

All Skin Rejuvenation requires a course of treatments approximately 5-8 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart.

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